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The Good Question Podcast

May 19, 2024

In this conversation, we sit down with Jodi Magness, an archaeologist, orientalist, and scholar of religion. She currently serves as the Kenan Distinguished Professor for Teaching Excellence in Early Judaism at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Jodi specializes in Classical and Biblical archaeology surrounding ancient Palestine (modern Israel, Jordan, and the Palestinian territories) – from the time of Jesus up to the tenth century. Her research interests include Jerusalem, Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls, ancient synagogues, Masada, the Roman army in the East, ancient pottery, and more…

Click play to explore:

  • What sparked Jodi’s fascination with archeology?
  • How archeologists learn about the past.  
  • Details on Jodi’s latest archaeological dig.
  • What ancient mosaics can tell us about Biblical history.

Jodi’s most recent books include Masada: From Jewish Revolt to Modern Myth, The Archaeology of Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls, and her latest: Jerusalem through the Ages: From Its Beginnings to the Crusades. Listen in as she shares her infectious enthusiasm about archaeology now!

You can learn more about Jodi and her work by visiting her website.

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